What We Do

XESOL drive

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) that warns the driver of potential road risks. Its most important features are pedestrian tracking and detection, front and rear collision warning, or lane departure warning.

XESOL biometrics

Biometric identification is proving to be a safe and effective measure to prevent frauds of different kinds. Xesol Biometrics technology includes different innovation products targeted to be applied in the automotive sector.


App that allows to listen and reply text messages using a voice assistant. It is compatible with the main messaging platforms. It works through a system of simple phrases that guide you step by step during the treatment of messages.

XESOL slam

In an ecosystem that tends to the autonomous driving, the exchange of information will be key for an optimum traffic management. In Xesol Innovation, we are developing real-time map generation systems that will revolutionize the chances of the connected car.


As part of our effort to promote technology at the service of safety, we have developed an eCall system capable of making an emergency call, either automatically or manually, in the event of accidents. It will be a compulsory system in the European Union from March 31, 2018.