XESOL biometrics

Facial Recognition System

Biometric identification is proving to be a safe and effective measure to prevent frauds of different kinds. Xesol Biometrics technology includes different innovation products targeted to be applied in emerging markets such as carsharing or fintech. Among its functions, Xesol ID is based on a facial biometric system that allows to identify drivers, while Xesol Pass guarantees transactions between entities through facial certificate.


Taking into account the new trends and needs of the Mobility sector (car sharing), we consider important to transfer accurate information to the owner and insurer about the identity of the driver that contracts the service.

Xesol ID allows the remote management of the use permits and the selective automatic start integrated in the vehicle. Undoubtedly, it is a tool to have in mind to manage fleets, car renting, car sharing, etc.

XESOL pass

Xesol Pass allows to carry out an in-situ transaction between two entities with facial certificate, providing a greater security to the involved companies and users.

In the transaction, a bidirectional certificate is created, where the time and the geopositioning of the participating entities are stored in the cloud (Xesol Cloud).