Derived from Horux technology, the natural application is persons detection in a specific enclosure.

As some Horux ++ application examples, here they are these microservices:

  • Security services: solution to the classic alarms based on movement detection of any object, or livestock or even air stream. Horux ++ only activates the alarm when detecting persons, avoiding false alarm raises due to animals and/or objects in movement. With customizable enclosures for each specific case, it can be used in residential settings (intrusion into house gardens) and industrial environments (production zones, dangerous zones in petrochemical industry, restricted access zones, etc.)


  • Control of minors in swimming pools: alerts about minors’ presence in swimming pool adjacent zones. The enclosure to control is customizable for each specific case delimiting the previous access swimming pool zone. Once the minor is detected inside the configured area, the predetermined warning is raised in each case for the receptor to proceed in consequence. With this system, private general use swimming pool perimeter fencing can be avoided in the early ages of minors.
  • Conveyer belts: Horux ++ can raise an alert when exclusively detecting a person in the perimeter area of the conveyer belt, avoiding unnecessary production and/or functioning stops.


  • Automatic doors: solution to detections caused by animals and/or objects movement that activate automatic doors opening. Horux ++ activates the automatic door opening signal when it detects persons.