Xesol Innovation | Xesol Innovation has been rated by Early Metrics
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Xesol Innovation has been rated by Early Metrics

Xesol Innovation has been rated by Early Metrics

Early Metrics, the rating agency for innovative start-ups and SMEs, rated Xesol Innovation in November to provide transparency and know the growth potential of the Company.

The rating was based on the management, the project and the environment of Xesol Innovation, shows some positive aspects to be highlighted such as:

• The Company counts on several tax advisers that provides key experience in the business strategy and development.

• Short deadlines are stipulated regarding the technical and commercial execution.

• The market will experience a strong growth, which is expected to reach more than $125 billion in 2017 (PR Newswire).

The analytical model based on the sector, the technical maturity, the funds raised, the target public and the business model, among other metrics of interest, have been key for Xesol Innovation to be evaluated at 75 points out of 100 on the scale determined by Early Metrics.

In short, thanks to this assessment, the Board of Executives can better understand the ecosystem of the company, get advantage regarding its competitors and bring more transparency to its investors, employees and suppliers.

Rating Data (EarlyMetrics)