Xesol Innovation is a technological Company specialized in neural networks applied to artificial vision. Xesol, the leader in person detection through neural networks, owns strong know-how that positions us to be an applied-solution neural-network-based provider.

Xesol is specialized in creating neural networks capable of detecting persons in any body posture. Xesol is ready to license its Technology in person detection to third party products or solutions. In this way, we reject to produce all possible solutions, increasing scalability by being third party providers.

Case of success | Drivox®

As a successful case, Xesol has implemented Technology and transformed it into an industrial product for industrial vehicles. This is a system that detects persons and differentiates between persons and objects, prioritizing people warnings over object warnings.

Mission and vision
  • Xesol is committed to the creation of technological solutions to improve people´s lives.
  • Xesol is a global Company that aims to contribute to its solutions worldwide.
  • Xesol is convinced that scientific progress is not for an elite but for all humankind.
  • Creation of technological products and solutions based on neural networks applied to artificial vision to detect persons in any environment.
  • The capability of licensing our technological solution to third parties.
  • International vocation in any environment, in any place, where person detection and recognition are required. Xesol has the potentials to apply a technological solution to any case of need.

Xesol has a strong technological background dedicated to creating solutions to improve people´s lives, and it has enabled us to enter into the safety field during the last years and develop several solutions to improve road and industrial safety, as well as to improve city mobility.

In our beginning, we focused on creating a driving assistance system (ADAS), based on neural networks. This system detected vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, and both vertical and horizontal road signs.

Later, this technology was applied to our product Drivox® for the industrial vehicle market segment.

Nowadays we have disambiguated our Technology Horux from the hardware and now with real-time management in the cloud Horux ++, allowing us to tackle all market segments were person detection is required with reliability.

Our main commitment is to contribute with our solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, neural networks, and artificial vision specialized in person detection to make any environment a safer and more efficient place.



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