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ADAS: Pedestrian detection system

ADAS: Pedestrian detection system

Following with our posts explaining different features of an ADAS, necessary for any autonomous car project, we are going to talk about one of the most important ones, which its main objective is to avoid pedestrian outrages.

We are talking about the pedestrian detection system.

It is clear why it is one of the most important ADAS features, as pedestrians are the most injured in accidents happening in towns, with tragic consequences in many occasions.

In this pursuit of accidents reduction and their consequences, we could not forget about the pedestrian detection feature.

In the following video we have a sample of the pedestrian detection included in the ADAS developed by Xesol Innovation.


One of the biggest challenges of this feature development is to identify pedestrians with their variable appearance (sizes, shapes…), and that they are not “static”.

Some people say that autonomous cars are already a reality. If that is a fact, they fail in some trivial circumstances as stopping in front of a red light. We can find a recently uploaded video of an Uber autonomous car ignoring a red traffic light, just before a pedestrian begins to cross.

Road safety is a responsibility for we all, so we recommend pedestrians to be aware, because they will always be the weakest party in any collision with vehicles.

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