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Xesol Drive

Advanced Driver Assistance System

The milestones reached by Xesol Innovation in the run to automated driving are due to Xesol Drive, a powerful, accurate and deep camera-view modelling software kit, that identifies, tracks and predicts trajectories of cars, buses, trucks, vans, special vehicles. It also identifies and tracks pedestrian and cyclists, recognizes and classifies traffic signs and traffic lights, and identifies lanes and road boundaries.

Xesol Drive supports just front-camera view, front and rear camera-view or 360° view, included multiple sensors, just with one scalable software-kit.

Distinctively, Xesol Drive places accurately the dynamic behavior of our vehicle in the model created.

Detection and tracking of stakeholders (DTS)

  • Pedestrians.
  • Cyclists and Motorcycles.
  • Cars, buses, trucks and special vehicles.

Traffic signals recognition (TRS)

  • Warning signals.
  • Warning speed.
  • Traffic lights (TLR)

Lane position and road type

  • Lane and Road Departure Warning (LDW & RDW).
  • Virtual Lane Estimation (VLE).
  • Front and Rear Collision Warning (FCW,RCW, TTC).
  • Road and Curve Type Estimation(RTE, CTE).

Artificial intelligence

Our algorithms of artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning form a cognitive package that allows your vehicle analyzing the dynamic context with precision.

Semantic segmentation reinforces the cognitive power of the modelling software kit.

Xesol Drive is a modelling software-kit aimed to be integrated by partner OEMs.

Our solutions are based on Vision Zero Standards, whose principal purpose is to drastically reduce traffic accidents, and thereby mitigate the number of fatalities and injuries.

Xesol Drive is part of Smartcars, a mobility research project for transportation awarded in Brussels with a mention of excellence as the most innovative project of the Horizon 2020 programme. This project has received funding from the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the grant agreement No. 767509.