Congested cities generate more traffic and pollution.
Air pollution

9 out of 10 people worldwide breathe air pollution.

Time spent in traffic

The most congested European cities spend on average 75% more time spent in traffic in evening peak hours.

Traffic pollution

Pollution levels can be up to 40% higher in traffic jams.

Greenhouse gas emissions

Road transport is responsible for 17.5 % of overall greenhouse gas emissions in Europe.

Real-time detailed traffic information

xStreet is a traffic monitoring system that uses computer vision to identify, classify and count all relevant traffic objects, offering detailed information through an interactive interface. xStreet collects detailed traffic information so that the appropriate decisions can be made about contamination and the congestion in cities with the objective of assuring the well being of a city’s inhabitants.

Demo video
Not all traffic is the same

Smart decisions start with detailed traffic information to better understand the level of congestion and the type of traffic involved. xStreet can identify and classify different types of vehicles and pedestrians.